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Wild-Crafted Whole Red Chondrus Crispus Dried (pre-order)

Wild-Crafted Whole Red Chondrus Crispus Dried (pre-order)

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    1. Much of the Irish Moss harvested around the world is farmed in places like the Philippines and Indonesia, Cultivated Sea-moss in Grenada with plastic rope and plastic bottles may result in a product void of Nutrition. Sea-moss should not be dried out in the sun and cured with sea salt for the day at a time. In some plant like the Chondrus, Crispus Heat activates or draw outs certain minerals in the plant.
    2. When softened in water it has a sea-like odor and because of the abundant cell wall polysaccharides, it will form a jelly when boiled, containing from (20 to 100 times) its weight of water. Chondrus Crispus add strength, resilient and elasticity to all the connective tissues, joints, and muscles. Great for Strong bones, healthy tooth enamel.

    This cold water Chondrus Crispus is packed with