Testimonies & Healing The World Campaign

We are relaunching the "Healing Of the Nations Campaign" for these in need of Affordable healing. This is a definite plan & guidance which will include Therapeutic Herbal compounds, Plant Base Groceries and nutritional consultation with guidance on what you should eat per ailment. As a member of "original thought" we shall use our platform with love to raise the funds. You will have 3 months worth of Products & Services for less then $1500 which is a blessing compared to what's out there.
The three sisters below was recipients of our first campaign and we had magnificent results!!


Peace and Love Family, as you know "Original Thought" Bring organization and healing  to the Community by raising money threw a "Gofundme Campaign" for those who can't afford the herbs for healing. We simply ask the community to support there own people to heal one another. The link is below to donate anytime!