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30-Day Detox Kit

30-Day Detox Kit

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This powerful kit is great for a 30 day - cleanse or detox of the blood and body's systems. This kit comes with 3 herbal compounds: Cell Cleaner (plant cleaner of Cascara Sagrada and rhubarb root), Iron Formula (aids in rebuilding minerals critical for new cell growth, purification), and a Male or Female Formula.

This kit will address ailments ranging from cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, STDs, poor circulation, heart issues, colds/flu, low or no immune system, severe PMS, simple stages of cancer, pre or post-surgical procedures to clean out steroids and other meds. The list goes on. For those who have serious health issues, a consultation is needed to advise on how long or how many months it will take to raid the body of its dis-ease. This kit will remove mucus, abnormal cells, heavy metal toxins, poisons, viruses, and bacteria; then restore balance to all systems.


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key ingredients:

cascara sagrada

rhubarb root

yellow dock

burdock root

sarsaparilla root

dandelion leaves and root

red clover

red raspberry leaves


Yohimbe bark